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 Join us in our nurturing yet stress release craft for family and friends. Our painting kits are known to help stay away from the exhausting radiation of electronics. We offer a excellent choice to help bond with your children/friends/family all while enhancing coordination for color,  experiencing sense of achievement when painting is complete, and most importantly it's perfect for intelligence as well as confidence! 👦 👪 👧

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Canvas Choices:

Eiffel Tower
Wonder Woman
Starry Sky
Beautiful Beach Villa
Beautiful Eye
Curved Moon
Girl & Rabbit
Lakeside Boat

How can Genius Paint Creations be purchase?
Message, Call, or Text Us for kits and be ready to pay a $25 nonrefundable deposit.

CashApp, Paypal, or Zelle Payments Accepted!

📬Shipping or Local Pickup & Delivery option.

____Additional Genius Paint Creations Info____

*All kits also includes, Paper Packaging, Hook, Number Drawing, & Renderings.

*Each kits comes in a box with all materials inside; the Canvas will be folded to fit in the box so be sure to lay the canvas out prior to painting to get any folded crease straighten out.

🎨The Canvas is a import professional numbered oil canvas, good density, and easy to color.


🎨The Paint is made of healthy digital pigments with high color reproduction and bright color.
   -Paint can be directly colored, no need to add water.
   -Paint coverage is strong but during the painting process if error occurs, you can cover the correct color.
  -Easy to dry paint so when you are not actively using, cover the lid;  If the paint is dry, add ONLY 1-2 drops of water to stir evenly, and remember not too much.
  -The paint box corresponds to the number on the canvas, and the unmarked pigments correspond to the shaded parts of the canvas.

🎨The Brushes are very easy to clean and has good water absorption.

    -Wash the brush cleanly when you change to another color or stop paint.
  -For the large part, you use the larger brush to paint, and for the small part, you its suggested to use the smaller brush to paint.

🖌Recommendations & Paint Education:

*Paint by color numbers, finish one by one.

*Wash the brush when you finish every day or change colors.

*Follow the top to bottom, from left to right paint the color.

*Decide the drawing turn according to your personal favor or in turns of the numbers.

*Enough paint is provide to complete painting, so be careful, use paint in moderation, and do not waste to prevent paint shortage.

*The figures on the canvas may not be completely covered.

🛍All SALES are FINAL. No REFUNDS. No Returns. If there is a problem with your kit email or call 704-738-5782 for assistance. We will do our best to take care of you. If you receive a damaged or defective item, a photo of the damage/defect will be requested to be sent via email to our customer service team!!



Large Groups & Events

Perfect to for business owners and party planners. Change up the game and present some engaging action such as our group kits. If you have 16vor more guess, this will be the best plan to keep busy and active!!!

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